Chair Stair lifts are different and alternative elevator systems designed for elderly, overweight people who have difficulty in using stairs, who are physically insufficient to climb stairs.

It is produced specifically for the type of ladder and fits perfectly on the ladder; Fits exactly the shape of the ladder.

Stair elevators have different carrying capacities. Available in sizes from 100 kg and up to 300 kg.

There are many manufacturers of stair lifts under the name of different brands in many countries in the world. When we look at the production countries in general, England and the Netherlands take the first place.

Although the stair lifts are classified as disabled lifts, we cannot call them directly as disabled lifts. The term klasik disabled elevator gereken should be understood as klasik disabled, paralyzed or paralyzed yle. People who do not have enough physical strength are also somewhat disabled. For this reason, stair lifts are some kind of disabled lift, but we cannot express it as “disabled lift”.

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