Frequently Asked Questions About Stair Lifts


Everyone who investigates stair lifts will ask a lot of questions. The most important questions will be about security.


Are the stair lifts safe?

Yes, the stair lifts are very safe, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and usage guidelines. However, be sure to buy the stair lift from an experienced company such as LiftArt who is an expert and a trained installer, such as an authorized company or authorized dealership.


Are the stair lifts mounted on the wall or on the steps of the stairs?

Most stair lifts are mounted on the steps of the stairs rather than the wall. This setup has some advantages. First, your wall decor will not break. Secondly, if you move this installation to a new house, the stair lift provides you to move there. In addition, the strongest point is the stepping stone.


What is the minimum step width to place the stair elevator?

Most stairway elevators must be 68 cm wide for installation. If it is less than 68 cm and there is a handrail attached to the wall, it will probably need to be removed. The stair elevator itself will cover an area of ​​approximately 40 cm when folded and the other members of the family will be able to use the stairs easily; there will be enough space. However, there are also different models for narrower stairs of 68 cm denier and stair elevators which can be applied up to 55 cm.


Can a stair elevator be used with a round, spiral or curved ladder?

Complex staircases, such as curved staircases, may require that the elevator system be manufactured exclusively. Almost every ladder configuration is different, including steps, shapes, curves, spirals, and multiple landings. All types of stair lifts and model staircases can be installed.


How does the stair elevator work?

A rail system was attached directly to the stairs. The chair seat, the main engine unit and the acus move on this rail; thus moving the chair up and down.


Can I build the stairway myself?

Most manufacturers of stair lifts require a professional setup to ensure that they are guaranteed. In addition, it is not worth your self-reliance that the elevator is not properly installed and that a person falling from a chair is present. Professional installers at LiftArt have years of experience, understand the state of things and know exactly what they are doing.


Can we use the stair elevator if there is a power failure?

Many stairlifts use a battery to run the elevator. The battery is constantly being charged by the charger. If the power is disconnected, the battery will allow the elevator to run for 10-20-30 turns. This elevator may vary according to the model, the renewal, the viewing distance.


Does the giant pay for the stair lifts, would it support it?

As of 2017, although the Government of Turkey makes full or partial payments to certain disabled products, stair lifts are not included in this scope. For this reason they will not pay for the stair lift. The elevator must be covered by the customer.


What is the price of stair lift?

You can find the prices of stair lifts in this address: or


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