Subject: What are the Differences between Stair Lifts and Disabled Lifts:

Stair lifts are the best solution for buildings where the classic type home elevator, namely cabin elevators, known as floor elevators, cannot be built. Stairlifts are elevator models that can be used by anyone, young or old, who has difficulty using stairs.

These systems, which have a seat on them and move along the stairs, where a person can travel by sitting, are called stairlifts. We can divide stairlifts into two parts in general. One is seat stairlifts and the other is platform disabled stairlifts.

Seated stairlifts are elevators that can be applied to all types of stairs, where the user travels sitting down, does not take up too much space on the stairs. There are two different types: outdoor and indoor. In addition, these two types are divided into two semi-models as straight stairlifts and curved (rotating) stairlifts. According to the regulation, their speed can be up to 13 cm/sec and their carrying capacity can be up to 200 kg. This speed and carrying capacity vary according to the elevator model. When the seat lift is parked after use, it folds up and takes up less space. There is also a joystick on the handle of the lift, which can be controlled by a remote control. The sound of Handicare stairlifts is 56 dB, so it is very quiet.

In short, although stairlifts with seats are primarily for the sick or elderly, some disabled people can also benefit from it depending on their disability. However, statistically, disabled people mostly use disabled stairlifts.

Handicare is the company with the largest number of seated stairlifts in the world and is known as a prestige brand. So much so that they even produced stairlifts for pets. The dual motor seat lift system is the only system in the world and is unique in technology. In addition, it is the most trouble-free stairlift with its hidden gear system and DataCard controlled computer system.

As for disabled stairlifts, these model lifts consist of a platform that moves along the staircase. With the disabled wheelchair, this platform can easily ride and travel. Disabled stairlift platform folds up after use. Thus, it does not take up much space on the stairs. Extrema brand in handicapped stair lifts is one of the best known brands of Italy, which produces in Italy. These model elevators also have indoor and outdoor models, flat type and rotary type elevator types.

As a result, seat stairlifts are not actually handicapped lifts. More developed disabled stair lift models have been produced for the disabled.

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