Subject: Seat models in stair lifts

The question of “Are there different seat models” may come to mind for those who are considering buying a stair lift. There are even those who think whether the seat models have different color options, different types of upholstery and those with different bearing capacities.

The seat models in stair lifts are an accessory that complements the decoration of the house and must adapt to the house with its design.

Yes, Handicare stair lifts produce and offer different models of seats to meet the various needs of their customers.

Some users may want the seat of the stair lift to be leather, while others may request that the lift seat is fabric for some reason.

In addition, customers are aware that the stair lift that they will purchase will provide the user with the necessary comfort, but they also want the sofa model and color to be in harmony with the decoration and design of the house.

When choosing a seat model, the priority is that the seat is suitable for the anatomical structure of the user, gives confidence to the user, is large enough and meets the special needs of the user.

Well, while all these needs are provided, wouldn’t it be good to be in harmony with the design of your home and to look like an accessory to the home? Yes, of course, we hear everyone saying that it is very good.

The seat model of the stair lift is decided after the user’s weight, height, anatomical structure and physical needs are determined. Later, in order to be in harmony with the decoration of the house, the color of the rails suitable for the stairs of the house, the color of the seats and the type of seat upholstery, depending on the comfortable use of the user, are determined.

Seat models in Handicare stair lifts contain many options. First of all, the chair’s carrying capacities start from 115 kg, and have a capacity of 125 kg, 137 kg, 147 kg and 200 kg.

In Handicare sofa models, upholstery types are available as fabric, artificial leather, real leather, hard polyurethane, medium hard polyurethane, hard-soft polyurethane. In addition, the hardness of the sponge used in fabric and leather options can be selected according to the need.

When you invite us to choose a suitable model stair lift, our technical service will help you introduce and decide elevator models, rail types and colors, seat models, seat colors and other features of the seat.

No matter which seat model you choose, you will always travel comfortably and safely with Handicare seated stair lifts. Do not forget that; Handicare is a prestige brand.

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