Prices of Stair Lifts Why Euro

Most Turkish customers are asking us, “Why do you sell stair lifts with foreign exchange?” We would like to explain the subject here.

First chair and stair lifts are not produced in Turkey are imported from abroad, because our costs are calculated by the foreign currency and the euro. As a result of the continuous depreciation of the Turkish lira against the euro, if we do dry fix and sell as TL, we will lose. Because 1000 euros for money today is another tomorrow. In this case, sometimes the exchange rate is falling down and our customer says now you are hurting; However, we have to pay the euro and the euro for the payment of any damage is not in question.

Sometimes our customers say; Our savings are at the bank in TL and we will pay you the TL on delivery of the product. We advise our customers to convert the Turkish lira to foreign currency until the euro they pay. If you pay us in TL, we have to get the exchange rate of that day, we work with low profit margins and the exchange rate differences can cause serious damage to us.

As everyone knows, the calculated value of the dollar and euro out too much in Turkey. Petroleum products, diesel, petrol, plastic, gas, iron-steel etc. Thus these conditions, we are not creating general conditions in Turkey. For this reason we have to sell the stair lift prices with foreign exchange.

Dear customers believe they understand this issue better and / born on the beautiful days we wish to Turkey.

our respect

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