Safety and Use of Stair Lifts

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A stairlift is one of the best pieces of medical equipment that can help a disabled person move around the home independently and freely. Their use is no longer restricted to homes, as many of them are also available for commercial purposes. They are widely used in universities, schools, examinations, educational institutions and hospitals. With the help of stair elevators , the disabled and mature adults are now gaining the freedom of movement.

Different Types of Stair Lifts

Stair lifts make life easier for those who cannot walk or climb stairs. Whether it’s a curved ladder or a straight ladder, it’s always difficult for a person with mobility issues to climb or descend stairs. There are many options to choose from, for small descents and narrow stairs you can choose a design that can be easily folded down. These days, you can also get extra padded seats for a more comfortable ride.

Most stairlift includes movable armrests that assist you when you get on or leave your chair. There are also footrests to make sure your feet don’t sag when you move. The seat and footrest can be easily adjusted to your body size and height to provide a comfortable fit and ride.

The controls in the stairlift are user friendly with a joystick or button. It can even have a remote control that allows access to a stairlift without sitting on it, thus giving the user full control. New stair lifts come with soft start and stop; so when you reach the top or bottom of the stairs, you will not be exposed to a sudden jolt.

Standard belt or special type belt can be easily adjusted and easily worn. Many stairlift have safety sensors built into the seat or footrest and have the sensitivity to immediately stop the seat on stairs, under or when landing, and can easily detect obstacles. This is useful if you have small pets that want to follow you or if you like to sleep on the bottom of the ladder. Also, stairlifts have a backup or emergency power supply. Even if your building or home is affected by any power outage, the stairlift will still work; It will not allow the user to gain safety and to be trapped on the stairs in the building by using stairlift . & nbsp; Safety of Stair Lifts

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