Subject: Can the stair lift be stolen

One of the frequently asked questions by our customers is if I buy a stair lift, can it be stolen? In fact, we hear this question from many customers; Of course, we can only give you information about Handicare stair lifts that we represent here, we cannot give you information about their reliability about other brands.

Handicare stair lifts are assembled precisely and firmly by our trained and authorized technical service personnel. For this reason, it is almost impossible to be stolen, it is very very difficult. Perhaps it may be easy to steal another product or item; For example, it is even easier to steal a car. However, our stair lifts are very difficult to steal, whether it is in a public area or a closed space, whether it’s a private apartment or house or an apartment. The stair lift is mounted in such a way that even our own technical service has to deal with it for hours. Also, the sound that will come out during the time they will try to disassemble the elevator will miss anyone trying to play.

Some security systems that restrict the movement of stair lifts are also available on the elevator. One of them is the ignition key, which is not very exposed under the armrest. Without this ignition key, you cannot operate the system. Let’s say you run the elevator using another key instead of the ignition key, but some special knowledge and equipment are needed to remove the lift. This information cannot be found in people who have not received the training of the elevator.

As a result, don’t worry; The Handicare stair lift that you plan to purchase can never be stolen by malicious people.

You can safely buy and use Handicare stair lifts.

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