Stair elevator and disabled elevator related


First of all, can we recognize you with the short history of your company?

Since 1958 our company has specialized in handling, lifting and stacking. For those struggling to use ladders, we offer convenient ways to travel between floors. Our solutions in this area are shaped by the needs of users; we offer vertical lifts – lifts for houses, stair lifts for stairs, stage lifts for places with several levels of elevation difference. We are the Turkey Representative of Handicare Company, one of the world giants of Dutch stair elevator in 2004, and the Turkish Representative of Italian Vimec Company, the biggest disability elevator producer in Europe at the beginning of 2017.


Do you have a few examples of projects you have undertaken with a few examples?

First of all, we have assembled many famous businessmen, artists, parliamentarians and institutions on the stairs elevator with the seat stair elevator and disabled platform and disabled elevator. Among them, there are many names known from Enka Holding such as German Hospital, Theater Artist Ahmet Gülhan, famous composer Mustafa Sağyaşar, I can not give the name of them all here, and some people want their names to be hidden. There are also many municipalities, governorships, district governorships and museums. For example, Governor of Edirne, Corum Governorship, Corum Governorate, Kadir Has Museum, Harbiye Military Museum, etc.


What differences and advantages do you offer to construction companies and end users in terms of application techniques and products you have used?

Our most important and different point is that our elevator systems are the most advanced systems in the world, the risk of failure is very small, at least 2 times longer than other brands and they work without problems. For example, in the lifts of other brands, there are 1 main driving motor and 2 main motors. Do not think of it as a spare engine, 2 motors are synchronized, but each one is running at 50% efficiency. Thus, the engines are never tired, their capacities do not fall, and they are longevity. And most importantly, you do not pay the difference fee for it. So instead of thinking about 1500 motor cars you get 3000 motor cars and you pay the same money. Moreover, the energy they spend is the same. Thus, our system is much more preferred than other brands.


What innovations do you have in the recent period on the subject of safety, energy efficiency and sustainability?

No material harmful to the environment is being used at any point in the production. We have documents such as 9000, IP, CE, EN, EMT. These documents are periodically renewed.


Do you think that the human resources and technological infrastructure that are grown in this area in Turkey are sufficient? What should be done for the better?

The installers working in each elevator company, the technical service personnel, work shortly after leaving and doing business on their own. This also reduces the quality of the service and the work to be done. Because they do not have enough training and experience. And we also hear that some friends are not taxpayers.


What do you care most about before you start a project?

The thing we pay attention to most is that we do not fully understand the need of the person and we can not offer the right product. Afterwards, the safety and comfort of the person comes after. I do not even mention that the installation is smooth and of good quality; this is already a must.


What are your goals and predictions for the coming period? Will you have new projects / investments?

We have a good name in the sector of stair lifts and disabled elevators and we are increasing our share in the sector day by day. Our dealership network is expanding and our prices are reasonable. So we reach our sales targets quickly and set new targets.


Finally, what do you want to add?

I would like to thank you first for giving us this opportunity. Especially the chair-ladder elevator is being considered as a disabled elevator since it is getting a new recognition in our country, I use this disabled word for the disabled. However, the barrier language is very broad, old age, sports injuries, physical temporary disturbances are also a barrier in front of people, and some people do not want to buy such lifts just because they are called disabled people. And they are actually obstacles to their obstacles. For this reason, you should not consider the stair elevator like a disabled elevator. This need to be understood and absorbed.


We thank you.


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