Subject: Is Stair Lift Disabled Lift?

Some consider or consider the seated stair lift as a disabled lift. However, this is very wrong, stair elevators are not specially equipped elevator systems for disabled people.

Disabled lifts for the disabled have some special equipment and design. Disabled lifts are designed to be suitable for the use of all types of disabled people. Visually impaired, hearing impaired, physically disabled people can safely and easily use this type of elevator.

However, stair lifts with seats are only suitable for those who have a physical ability to sit in the seat. Of course, people with a visual impairment, hearing impairment, or mild physical disability can also use this elevator, provided that they can assist them. However, the design of the stair lifts are designed to be used by people who are older, overweight or who have difficulty in using stairs.

In conclusion, we would like to state clearly that; Seated stair lifts are definitely not disabled elevators.
Some of those who need a stair lift do not buy this product only because they think it is a disabled lift and do not want them to be disabled. However, we clearly state that; you will not find a person with moderate and severe disabilities who use a seat lift in any website, search engine images.

Since our company became the representative of Handicare company, it has sold nearly 2300 stair elevators until 2020, and the number of them sold to people with moderate or severe disabilities is not 5.

Below, we present you pictures of disabled lifts and stair lifts, and as can be seen from the pictures, there are serious design differences between them.

We wrote this article to enlighten those who think they have to give up their lifts and give up their health and disability elevators.

We request your information and wish you a healthy day.