Stair Lift and Pets

 stair lift and pets dog

If you have cats or dogs in your home, you may have some questions about stair lifts and whether they pose a safety risk to them. Stair lifts are manufactured as safe for animals as they are for children, stair lifts are not designed to hurt or crush your pets, and will stop if they touch anything (including your four-legged friends) during the stairs up and down. Some pet owners say that their dogs or cats were a little afraid of the stairlift when operated (they were afraid of other devices such as vacuum cleaners), but these animals tend to have the only real effect they have.

Stair lifts are always designed and manufactured with the safety of everyone who lives with them. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about entering your home with a pet. The vast majority of families have no problem with the new stair lifts and adapt very quickly to accepting them into their homes.

Handicare Stair Lifts are one of the safest brands. And with this feature, it is known as a prestige brand all over the world. Turkey Representative liftart of HANDICARE stair lift is an elevator.