Curved stairlifts: Footrest options

We are the only stairlift manufacturer to offer different footrest options on our curved stairlift models.

Curved Stairlifts: Footrest options ensure optimum configuration

Making everyday life easier for our customers and in particular users of our products is what drives innovation in our business. Our aim is to provide you, our valued partners, with the most comprehensive range of quality designed and manufactured stairlifts.

Did you know we are the only stairlift manufacturer to supply a variety of footrests on curved stairlift models to ensure the optimum configuration for the user?

On the Freecurve and 2000 there is a choice of footrests:

• The standard footrest is mostly used on stairs with straight steps and intermediate landings only.
• The large footrest is used when the user needs more space for their feet, or when it is necessary to minimise the gap between the footrest and top floor in case of a footrest level rail ending.
• The extended/offset footrest is used on stairs with fanned steps, to have the rail as low as possible. The extended footrest is also supplied when the user travels facing downwards, to provide good support for their feet.

In PS4D and on the order form your surveyor can choose the footrest which he considers is best for the applicable situation. Handicare will draw the rail according to the stair measurements with this footrest.

In order to design the best and safest possible rail for the user, it is important to select the right footrest and give Handicare consent to adjust the footrest if needed.