How to Calculate Stair Lift Price

Let’s first try to explain what stair lifts are. Stair lifts are seat lift systems that are designed for people who have difficulty in using stairs, who are out of breath due to their discomfort when going up and down, who have difficulty or who do not have enough physical strength, and who damage their joints while using stairs. In addition, it is an elevator system that provides transportation between floors that is made as an alternative to places where classical type vertical working home elevators cannot be built.

There are 2 different types of stair lifts, with seats and platforms. The model with seat is the system used by the user. Seated stair lifts can be applied to almost all types of stairs.

Platform stair lift is the elevator system with platform, which the user can also use with his wheelchair. Platform stair lifts may not be applied to all types of stairs. It can only be applied to stairs of a certain width that the width of the ladder should be at least 100 cm depending on the type.

Now that we have given general information about stair lifts, let’s try to give information about how their prices are calculated.

While calculating the price of the stair lift, we need to answer the following questions:
1. Model and type of stair lift,
2. Seat model,
3. Rail length and travel distance,
4. Number of turns and curves along the rail,
5. Initial and trailing parking stop angle,
6. Number of remote controls,
7. Whether optional options are desired,

According to the answers of all these items, your stair lift supplier will be able to calculate the price.

For your convenience and your approximate knowledge of the stair lift price, we have calculated the above items according to standard and normal conditions and issued some average prices. You can reach these prices from the link here or you can see the prices according to the form of stairs and get information.

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April 2020