We asked people who had bought a Handicare stairlift to tell us what they thought of it, so that you can decide whether it’s the right stairlift brand for you or your loved one.  The table below reveals how Handicare stairlifts scored for quality, value for money, reliability and more – as well as the average price of a Handicare stairlift. Log in to view the ratings in the table below. If you’re not yet a Which? member, sign up for a £1 trial to Which? to unlock the results and access all of our expert reviews. Handicare stairlifts (including Companion and Minivator) ratings Customer score Reliability of the stairlift Usability Comfort Safety Quality Batteries Value for money Average price of a new Handicare stairlift Average price of a second-hand Handicare stairlift Table notes: Customer score combines overall satisfaction and likelihood to recommend. Sample size – 107. Includes stairlifts from Companion and Minivator, and sold through Age UK. Survey conducted in October 2016. Get the inside track on Handicare stairlifts By logging in or signing up for a £1 Which? trial, you can access the Which? scores and ratings in the table above, as well as all the following information on this page, including: how much Handicare stairlifts typically cost, including the average and the range of prices its customers paid ongoing costs and maintenance for Handicare stairlifts, such as servicing prices, repair costs and servicing contracts stairlift warranty information and aftercare packages whether it’s worth haggling over the quoted price of a Handicare stairlift comments from Handicare customers about how they found the buying process. Which? stairlift satisfaction survey We surveyed 450 members of the public who have bought a stairlift, either for themselves or for a relative, to find out which manufacturers you can trust. As well as asking about what the stairlift itself is like to live with, from ease of use to reliability, we also wanted to know what the manufacturer was like to deal with. So we asked our respondents about the buying process, to see which brand was more likely to be flexible on price and whether any were engaging in pressure selling. In addition to Handicare, Which? members can also find out how other popular brands Stannah Stairlifts and Acorn performed in our survey. And if you’re considering getting a stairlift provided by the council, you can see what our respondents thought of that process, too.

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