Subject: Stair Lift in Harbiye Military Museum

The Military Museum is one of Turkey’s most important military museum. In fact, according to officials, it was the largest military museum in Europe. In the museum, where many works, values, goods, weapons, tools and equipment are exhibited since the reception of Istanbul, there is a Mehteran show on certain days. Visitors can watch the mehter show for free.

A new gallery was added to the museum in 2015; Martyrs Gallery; Turkey does not forget the martyrs. The colonel of the period, who was the director of the Harbiye Military Museum at that time, was not wanted to be named, he wanted to bring the idea of ​​building an elevator so that veterans, disabled people and elderly people who visited the gallery of the martyrs could easily access it.

As a result of a short but effective research, Handicare stair lifts, which are the most comfortable and highly prestigious elevator brands, which have the least risk of failure, both machine robust and rails robust, were preferred to such a prestigious museum. Of course, this preference was determined as a result of the tender and other companies had to withdraw from this tender against Handicare features.

The elevator was specially produced and brought in the Netherlands within a short period of 4 weeks and installed in the Martyrs Gallery within 1 day.

Our stair lift, where you can see the pictures below, is the pictures of the martyrs gallery after the assembly. Visitors congratulated the museum administration for the stair lift they had built as a result of these sensitive and sensitive thoughts.
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