Question: Has the stairlift accident ever occurred in the world? Are stair lifts safe?

Some people think, “Have you ever had a stairlift accident?” There may be a question. Some may even find the stair lifts unsafe.

In fact, the safety of stair lifts is much more than you think. Most stairlift brands have many safety sensors, crash sensors, seat belts, emergency stop buttons, joysticks, on / off switches, ignition switches, speed up and parachute sensors as standard. These safety precautions protect you from possible accidents.

Do you know that more of these safety elements are in Handicare Stair Lifts?

Apart from the above standard safety sensors, Handicare elevators have an intelligent “DataCard” system, which is patented and not available from other manufacturers. This card contains a special sim card and all the records of the elevator are kept on this card, which controls the elevator. Without this card the lift does not move.

With this DataCard, the system checks itself each time before it moves and checks whether it can reach its destination. If it has decided that it can arrive, it moves and transports the user safely to the station. If it detects a malfunction or a potential malfunction and decides to do so, it will definitely not move, informing the user. In this way, the elevator stays in the living area (at the stop) and does not leave you on the stairs.

In short, the DataCard detects potential failures in advance and prevents you from staying half way. This system is only available in Handicare Stair Elevators.

However, no Merdiven Stair Elevator Accident “has been encountered in the world. Because all brands of stair lifts must be produced to certain standards.

Nevertheless, be careful not to choose cheap and cheap brands. After all, this is a machine, an elevator and your health is the most important issue.


January 2020

Stair Lift Accidents



Note: There is no accident news in the information we have about the stair lift accidents and in our researches. If there is an accident record in the information of other brands, our knowledge is not included. If there is news of an accident that we could not come across, please provide information.