Stair Lift Cost May Surprise You

Buying a new stair lift can be a liberating investment that brings back mobility and freedom to people with mobility problems so they can continue living comfortably in their own home. However, a key question is always “How much will the stair lift cost?” Perhaps the cost of the stair lift may surprise you.

Various factors need to be taken into account to realistically estimate the price of the stair lift. These:

Is the stair lift curved or for a straight stairway?
A stair lift for a curved staircase costs a lot more money. The reason for this is that it is produced specifically for your stairs.

Is there an obstacle like a door at the top or bottom of the ladder?
This may mean whether to add an electric or manual hinged folding rail or other remedial work during installation.
Whether this rail model is a new or refurbished system, it determines the actual purchase price of the equipment.

Warranty coverage and duration.

Details on the maintenance contract.

Second-hand sales value of the stair lift when it comes, (unfortunately, there is little value in used stair lifts).

For these reasons, it makes it easy to understand why determining the “average stair lift price” is not really an easy way, but since this article aims to answer exactly this, we will try to present some costs to your information.

– Average cost of Flat Ladder Lift up to 18 steps = 2000 € euro

– Average cost of stair lifts for Curved Stairs of standard length (18 steps) = 5.500 € euro (More information about curved stairwell prices here)

Average cost of Open Air Flat Stair Lift 3.250 € euro
(costs may vary depending on the length and location of their steps)

Check out our stair lift comparison chart to compare the features and prices of new stair lifts.

These stair lift prices (mentioned above) do not need to include additional costs. It is always necessary to conduct a survey, to question consumers a true knowledge of the total price. For example, we recommend that a technical service engineer always perform at least twice a year to perform safety checks and routine maintenance work, so a maintenance contract is always recommended.

Even if you have purchased a refurbished, second-hand stair lift, reputable brands and suppliers will still provide a guarantee for the first year of use. This will cover the cost of spare parts in case of stair lift failure and will provide a vital assurance for anyone considering a refurbished 2nd hand model.

Consumers should also remember the size and shape of their staircase. If the ladder is curved, the resale price can be ignored because it can rarely be successfully installed on a different property without significant changes.

Making Economic Choices
One of the leading manufacturers of stair lifts in the UK is Minivator, formerly known as Minivator. Minivator was purchased by Handicare after 2012. Handicare produces excellent, high quality elevators, all safe and reliable.

Before making a decision, many questions should be asked about the actual cost of the stair lift needed. Its low price is important to get your money’s worth. The refurbished second-hand stair lift for 1,000 to 1,500 euros, which requires a control button to be pressed, will offer less practical value than a new stair lift. The quality of maintenance contracts and warranties offered by different suppliers should also be carefully evaluated.

Do not forget that you can have cheap stair lifts cheaply, but in a short time it will be understood how high the price you give, how expensive you buy the elevator you think is cheap.