In the first days of June 2020, the world and our beautiful country still do not make life easier for those who still have difficulty using stairs while struggling with Corona virus, Covid-19.

People who have difficulty in using stairs or who are banned from using stairs by the doctor but who live in houses with stairs continue to find solutions for these problems.

Elevator needers do not call their home service for discovery because of fear in Corona days. Of course, this fear is valid for all of us and it is very normal.

Our employees of LiftArt company strictly comply with the hygiene rules, social distance rules, and pay maximum attention to their personal and work environment cleaning. Our technical service team, who comes to your home, completes their discoveries as soon as possible and minimizes the risk of virus infections and leaves your home safely.

If you need a stair lift and if you postpone it due to Corona days, our advice to you is definitely not to postpone it, just call us and ask for discovery.

How safely our stair lift technical service will visit you, make a quick discovery, measure in the most accurate way and give you an affordable price.

We continue to do the Stair Lift Assembly in Covid-19 Days.
With Confidence, Health, Right Price

LiftArt Elevator
June 2020