Stair Lift | Authority and World Order

The rank and value of Handicare, which is among the most authoritative brands of stair lifts brands:

World Stair Elevator Market: Between the Top 3 Marks
Turkey Merdiven Elevator Market: Between the First 2 Brands
Turkey Ranking in World Stair Lift: Between the First 2 Brands
Turkey Lift Market: Between the First 2 Brands
Lift Class: Disabled Lift
Type: Seat Stair Elevator
Rating: Elite, Top Level
Generation: The Next Generation, 2017
Durability Level: Very High
Durability Time: 10 Years
Objective: It is used for stairs to go up and down the stairs of people who have difficulty in landing or who are not strong enough or weak.

Subject: About the chair lift, which is one of the stair lifts or other names The place of the Handicare brand in the world and the branding of the Turkish market.

The evaluation according to the following is made by LEIA – Lift & Escalator Industry Manufacturers Association.

1. Brand value
2. Production capacity
3. Export capacity
4. Number of countries exported
5. Size of production area
6. Number of manufacturing factories
7. Strength of products
8. Innovation
9. R & D investment
10. Lifetime of products
11. Model variety
12. Sharing

As a result of all these values, Handicare is among the top 3 stair lift brands in the world.

Stairs elevator brand ranking has been very beneficial results for consumers.

Although it is in the disabled elevator class, in fact, stair lifts are for those who have difficulty using stairs; It should not be thought that it is only for disabled people in the sense of disabled.