Topic: Stair Lift Carrying Capacity

Due to the motor technology used by Handicare, we had higher carrying capacities than the others.

Elevator models in the world are produced in different strengths and their carrying capacities vary accordingly. Here we will give you information about the carrying capacities of Handicare stair lifts. However, we would like to point out that our seated stair elevators are the elevators with the heaviest carrying capacity in the world. The reason for this is hidden in the engine technology and engine powers it uses. While an ordinary stair lift uses a 300 watt motor, it uses 2 350 watt motors in Handicare FreeCurve models, or 2 motors in another model uses 300 watts or using 4 motors as in the 1100 model in the safest way, on the steepest stairs. climbs easily without difficulty.

Moreover, you do not pay an extra fee for this patented engine system.

Yes, motors and engine systems used by Handicare are patented and not found in any other brand.

We have prepared a table for you about the Powers of Handicare Seated Stair Lifts: