None of our customers have ever expected spare parts for the stairlift they bought from us.

One of the most important reasons why Handicare company, of which we are the Only Representative in Turkey, gave us the only representative office and we have continued our business as the Only Representative since the 2000s, is that we keep a sufficient stock of spare parts in our warehouse.

If we are not qualified for Handicare, why should they give us the Only Representative and continue this business for years. Otherwise, wouldn’t they increase their representation and try to serve their customers with multiple representatives? Just like other brands do… Very representative…

Is multi-representation an advantage or a disadvantage? Most people always want to deal with only one company. When he goes to another company from the company he bought and asks for help or spare parts, we hear from that company saying, “You didn’t buy the product from us, so we can’t help you” or that they offer exorbitant prices.

In our central technical service and spare parts warehouse established on an area of ​​200 m2, we have at least 5 of all parts of each model product we sell in our stocks.

Our minimum spare part stock limit is 3 for most parts, and if our stocks go down to 3, a new order is placed immediately to the manufacturers and re-raised above the minimum stock amount within 2 weeks.

None of our customers have NEVER expected spare parts for the products they have purchased from us. And we will not wait.

This is an indication of how seriously we take our job.

Please review our references, if necessary, get information from the companies we represent.

Make sure you are at the right address. We have never let you down, we never will.

All of our products are guaranteed for 10 years of spare parts supply.


LiftArt Quality Life and Lift Systems Ltd. Sti.