Handicare is a prestige brand that has been producing lifts, lifting and transport systems since 1886.

The products and services of such a brand should be at a high level. Like a VIP or Business Class client. At Handicare, everyone, every customer is a business class customer and is served in this way.

Yes, our job is not to actually sell stair lifts or just to move the person across levels; to present all these processes at the highest level and worthy of our name.

Our service starts with advertisements, phone calls, discovery, pricing, production, shipment and installation, after-sales services with you-we continue as long as we exist. We with the privilege of business class …

Unlike the service we provide, stair lift prices are at a modest level. You can have a prestige brand like Handicare by paying the same price as others.

You can buy stair lift with Business Class Service for the same price.