Stair lifts, moving or staircase to move up and down in the home of those who are difficult to use mechanized devices designed to help you know.

Stair lifts, consisting of a mechanized chair attached to the rails placed on the rungs, are becoming more and more popular among the Turks who want to spend their old age and quality. According to the 2017 Census report, 11 million Turkish people over the age of 65 suffered from disability and approximately two-fifths of these 11 million people had difficulty climbing or walking. Fortunately, some of these elders have regained the ability to freely climb up and down with the help of a ladder elevator.

Stair lifts can facilitate the lives of many people, but only when safely used …

If you have a stair lift or you are planning to have an elevator right now, there are five safety tips that are easy to remember to use a stair lift in your own private apartment.

Folding Sofa Should Be
The stairwell must be foldable so that no lift can be used to prevent people using the stairwell. This can be especially avoided if you live with others and the chair can be folded easily after each use, falling off the ladder and other accidents. Unfortunately, more than 100 thousand Turkish stairs are injured every year. If you have a stair elevator with seats, you can easily damage your loved ones by folding your seat.

One passenger at a time
Please note that the stairlifts are designed to support only one passenger at a time, even if you have encouraged your grandchildren to take the stairs with you. Stair elevator owners should never attempt to carry more than one passenger or use the device to carry heavy objects such as furniture. When reading your user guide, pay close attention to the maximum weight limit provided by the manufacturer.

Periodic maintenance
It is recommended that you regularly maintain your elevator in order to keep your staircase liftable at all times and to avoid accidents. It may be time to contact a technician if your lift stops working, becomes uneven, or shows any signs of wear and tear. Never attempt to repair or service a stair lift yourself. You can injure yourself or cause additional damage to the dealer or the manufacturer to void the warranty.

Use the Seat Belt
Stair lifts move at a very safe speed, but despite this in mind, users must use their seatbelts. Seatbelts can prevent you from falling off the stair lift while you are driving, and can cause you to suffer serious injuries. Never try to use your stairlift without first fitting your seat belt.

Keep Stairs Away from Obstacles
According to a study by Cornell University Department of Design and Environmental Analysis, elderly individuals should stay away from their stairs. If the following obstacles are not removed from the stairlift path, they may pose a danger to the elevator users:

Torn carpet
Loose wood
Various household items such as vases etc.

These obstacles can get in front of your stairlift, which can cause you and your device to get stuck in the staircase. If you live with others, not alone at home, be sure to emphasize the importance of keeping the ladder open at all times.

The importance of the safety of your chair lift is always in your mind
If you suffer from mobility problems, buying a staircase lift can greatly improve your quality of life, especially if you live in a two-storey house. However, you should keep safety in mind when using a stair lift. By following the safety tips above, you can stay safe and make the most of the stairs.

LiftArt Stair Lifts with Seats, April 2019