The History of the Stairlift Revealed

Did you know that many people believe that stairlifts are a modern invention? This is false information, however, and stairlifts have been around for decades, and it may surprise you to learn that stairlifts date back to the 16th century. The stairlifts you see today have innovative technology. Despite society’s assumption, the first stairlift was invented a long time ago. This has created a solution for those who find it difficult to climb stairs. They can find a lot of comfort thanks to stairlifts with the latest technology. Moreover, a stairlift can help you and your loved ones overcome the fear and risk of falling from the upper floor. Let’s take a look at the history of home stairlifts, who invented them, and how they evolved. The stairlift was invented in the late sixteenth century. Famous VIII. None other than Henry can connect to the history of the stairlift. The oldest recorded stairlift was built in the mid-1500s by King Henry VIII of England. After being injured in a jousting incident, he was tasked with a “seat throne” to ascend and descend the 20-metre stairs of his London home. The world’s first stairlift was built where servants pull the ropes to move the chair up or down. The throne is made of a block and combat system. King Henry was also known to have several primitive wheelchairs to help him move around his palace.

Introduction to Commercial Stair Lift

In 1923, the pioneer of the modern stairlift, C.C. Crispen is an entrepreneur from Pennsylvania. He then decided to draw plans for a folding wooden chair, including a footrest. It was created to move up and down with the help of rollers from a steel bar attached to the stairs. This allows your friend to get down without needing the help of a caregiver. Crispen had a friend at home who was struggling between two floors because of polio. This prompted the self-taught engineer to develop a basic chair by attaching it to a rail that ran along the ladder. This mechanism moved on small wheels or usually with a chain or cable. Crispen built its prototype, and it took a year to fully develop it before it was first displayed in a showroom in 1924.

The Future of Stairlifts

While the basic mechanism has improved over the years, today’s home stairlifts are even more comfortable. Some of the earliest models are still featured in many designs today. The best example of this would be the swivel chair at the top of the steps or increasing the degrees of folding ability. Of course, as with any technology, countless improvements and innovations have been made over the years. Installations are easier; some models have more security features, ease of use continues to improve and more. For example, once your stairlift is installed, our engineer will put it through an extensive testing procedure designed to make sure everything is working as it should. Our stairlift is thoroughly checked with every component for optimum performance. We design not only straight, curved, but also for outdoor use. There are always differences from manufacturer to manufacturer as to who has the most expertise in this market. Unlike some stairlift companies, we’ve refined the original concept by adding a variety of stairlift features to help you regain your independence. If you want to benefit from this technology, contact LiftArt right away, we are here for you.