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The said product, which is also referred to as an elevator mounted on a ladder, is a stair lift. Another name is the stair lift with seats. As for why some refer to the ladder-mounted elevator, this elevator is mounted on the steps of the stairs; so it is attached to the ladder. For this reason, some refer to the ladder elevator.

Stair lifts are generally not mounted on walls or railings or handrails, nor are they connected. So they don’t. The ground is the most solid and the steps are reliable in this regard. If a step weighs at least 130 kg, or if two people can stand at the same time, it indicates that it is sufficiently strong.

The installation of the stair lift is done according to the coating of the stair steps, that is, the top of the stair is covered with marble, wood, glass, carpet, tiles, granite or what kind of material. The installation workmanship and operation is a delicate process. Technical personnel not trained and authorized should not install.

Also, regardless of the top of the stair steps, the bottom of the pavement is also important. The bottom of the coating may be concrete, wood or a carcass made of iron material. Even the steps can be completely concrete or paledian or mosaic. assembly and connection equipment is used according to all types of material, namely the main carcass material of the ladder and the type of coating material. It is very important to use the right equipment.

Thus, we have provided explanations for the ladder-mounted elevator . This is not true even if some say that the escalator is a kind of elevator that is mounted on a ladder. Escalator is a different product, ladder lift is a different product.

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