Subject: Multi Lift Disabled Stair Lift

There are many models and types of disabled lifts. Such as ladder type, vertical open type, vertical closed type, pool type, sea pier type, boat type, vehicle type etc.

For example, disabled ladder lift for stair type, disabled platform lift for vertical open type, disabled platform lift for vertical closed type, pool lift for pool type, boat lift for boat type, vehicle lift for vehicle type.

There are many models in these elevator types. For example, the disabled elevator has a ladder type, that is, the platform lift with a disabled platform is not only a platform, but also a model with a seat that opens and closes on the platform.

In other words, there are many models of disabled lifts. Of these, the lift model of the disabled platform lift can be called Multi Lift Disabled Lift.

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Below you will see an example picture of multi-lift disabled lifts.