Text: We Mounted the Elevator to the Building where Mustafa Sagyasar lives

As you know, stair lifts are elevator systems designed for people who have difficulty going up and down the stairs.

Since a resident of Mustafa’s apartment should not use stairs temporarily, a group of apartment residents joined together to build a stair lift. Because our references are very good, we have ordered Handicare stair lifts which they prefer.

Apart from the stair lift which we built in a short period of time, both the apartment dwellers who ordered, our Mustafa hocam and other residents were satisfied. We have installed our staircase elevator on all floors of the apartment because it does not take up space in the stairs of the apartment, always works smoothly and also it is a prestige brand and the price according to other brands is also suitable.

Like other renowners who use our elevator, Mustafa Sağyaşar our instructor was pleased with our elevator and started to recommend us.

So I added another reference to my references in Etiler which made the stair lift to the apartment.

Mustafa hocamıza, thank you to the residents.

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