Portable Stair Climber- Model: T10


The wheeled stairclimber, practical and safe for those who find stairs difficult.

The T10 stairclimber model is an ideal aid for anyone with mobility difficulties, even partial or just temporary, who may have difficulty in climbing stairs.

Stairs can be safely manoeuvred with T10 and an operator.

T10 is a wheeled stairclimber, ideal on very narrow stairs and can overcome slopes up to 55°

The T10 is a stair climber ideal for narrow stairs (up to 550 mm), with small landings (> 70 cm) and/or with winder steps and is able to overcome gradients up to 55°.
It can be easily and quickly disassembled into several parts to be loaded easily into the boot of a car.

The safety and reliability characteristics allow the operator to guide the unit without effort, and the assisted to overcome the stairs in full comfort, both in ascent and descent. With the T10 mobile stair climber and the steering of an operator, you can go up and down stairs in total safety.


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The stair climber’s patented transmission, with its softstep function, ensures climbing and descending individual steps in a very gentle manner. The assisted can rest comfortably seated in a padded seat, with an adjustable footrest. The folding armrests help to get on and off the seat simply and easily.
The T10 Scalacombi mobile stair climber is included in the Ministry of Health pricing schedule and can be supplied on loan by your local ASL.

Where to find the T10 Scalacombi mobile stair climber
Contact LiftArt & Vimec to locate the ASL and the Orthopaedic clinics with whom we collaborate in each Turkey province. The LiftArt & Vimec customer service will advise you on the best solution for your needs, helping you to choose the product (stair climber, stair lift, platform lift) most suitable for you.

Brand: Vimec
Model: T10
Made in: Italy
General Distributor for Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bulgaria: LiftArt

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