Let’s start with the Rembrandt model chair stair lift feature first by explaining what the stair lifts are.

Stair lifts are elevator systems designed for people who have difficulty in using stairs and where classical type home elevators cannot be built.

This type of elevators, temporary illnesses, people who have difficulties in using stairs (young and old), patients and those with mild and moderate disabilities.

Seats Stair Lift Feature:
Brand: Handicare
Model: Rembrandt
Origin: Netherlands
Turkey and Azerbaijan Single Agent: Quality of Life Sister liftart.
Number of Main Motors: Double drive motor (2 main motors, the only elevator in the world)
Carrying Capacity: 125 kg
Number of Floors: 1 (0-1)
Number of Stops: 2
Sofa Model: Classic
Seat Color: Beige
Rail Length: 5 m
Park Stops: Flat (standard) park at the top and bottom
Warranty Period: 5 years guaranteed in terms of supply of spare parts and service for 10 years against manufacturing and assembly defects.

Handicare Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Vermeer models are produced with double drive motor as standard. In double driving engines, the intent is 2 main engines. Apart from the double driving motor, the seat balancing motor is included in the standard package.

The double drive motor is a patented system and is available only in Handicare lifts in the world.

The advantage of the double driving motor is that the engines never run at full capacity like others, they never get hot and tired because they work with 50% performance. Therefore, it is at least 2 times longer life than others and the risk of failure is much less, it is close to zero. So you never stay on the rung.


April 2020