TEI Tusaş Aircraft engine factory has started to search for a stairlift for its personnel and visitors who have difficulties in using stairs. The problem was that the stairs were very long and multi-storied and the cruising distance was too long.

For stairs of this length, the strength and durability of a chair stairlift are very important. And there are very few models that can do this job.

As a result of sensitive researches, Tusaş has reached that the best brand that can do this job is Handicare. The “Vermeer” model of Handicare stair elevators with double drive engines was the product Tusaş was looking for with its powerful structure, powerful engines and smart system.

Tei contacted LiftArt and ordered this powerful brand. Handicare, which finished the production of the stairlift in a short time like 2 weeks, completed the whole work in 4 weeks after the shipment of the products and the assembly of LiftArt and delivered it successfully.

The installation has been completed by paying attention to the pandemic protection rules, social distance and hygiene, with the complete documentation of the elevator and the readiness of LiftArt’s necessary documents for installation.

Tei officers expressed their satisfaction with the accuracy of their decision and thanked LiftArt.

We cannot publish detailed assembly pictures for security reasons.

We Completed Our Handicapped Stair Lift Installation at TEI Tusaş Engine Factory

January 2021