There are also disabled lifts for public transportation vehicles such as buses and minibuses.

For example, there are also disabled elevators in buses produced by Temsa.

Temsa announced that it has completed the second batch of 22 units after the first batch of 4 units delivered to the Belgian public transport company OTW last December 2020. Including a total of 26 LD SB PLUS model vehicles in the company’s fleet, Temsa will increase the number of vehicles in OTW to 40 with the orders for continuation.

Temsa’s LDSB PLUS vehicles have features such as body lowering / raising feature that provides ease of landing and getting on, and an electrically powered disabled elevator. In addition to the alcohol meter feature of the LD SB model, it has equipment such as an automatic braking system, a heated windshield, and a reversing sensor.

With the disabled elevator in buses, midibuses and minibuses, our disabled people can easily get on and off the vehicle with their wheelchairs and make a comfortable journey.

For detailed information, please call: 0549 608 00 70

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Disabled Elevator for Public Transport Vehicles
May 2021