Subject: 2017 Number of disabled students in Turkey

National Education Minister Ismet Yilmaz, the number of students with disabilities in Turkey 306 thousand 205 said.

It is legally necessary to make the necessary arrangements in all educational institutions so that disabled students can go to wheelchairs and schools.

If it is not possible for students with disabilities to move to the first floors in order to benefit from the laboratories, computer rooms, music rooms and libraries, the disabled elevator, portable stair climber, stair elevator or disability platform is required for students to reach these units.

If the number of disabled students is thought to be 306,000, this is not a contemptible number at all.

National Education Minister Yilmaz said, “The criteria regarding the accessibility of the disabled in all projects and all approved special projects are taken into account and they are applied in the construction of new schools in order to reach the teaching units that the disabled students need. The governorates have also been instructed to target the preparation of an educational environment for the physically handicapped on the ground floors of previously constructed school buildings and to implement these goals to the extent possible.

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Source: Education Agency: Last Updated: 06.06.2017 17:10