Title: Lift Selections by Families: LiftArt


Famous people, the choices for themselves or their relatives in the elevator needs, became Handicare Stair Lifts.

Handicare, which is among the most prestigious brands in the world and produces the most advanced system for stair lifts, continues to be the first choice of both VIP and well-known people.

We do not publish our famous friends who want their names to be kept secret and not to be mentioned, with the right to their requests, except for the names mentioned below. We want to know that the names of nearly 20 names are not mentioned here in the direction of their wishes.

Mustafa Sağyaşar (Composer, Artist)
Kemal Özkan (The Sunnah)
Turgut Bezmen (Businessman)
Şarık Tara (Businessman)
Lütfi Doğan (Former Member of Parliament)
Ahmet Gülhan (Actor, Artist)
Şükrü İpekçi (Businessman)
Zekeriye Konukoğlu (Businessman)
Halis Karataş (Jokey)
Eda Kumbasar (Doctor, Dermatology Specialist)
Teoman Arsay (Businessman)
Prof. Naci Tolga Saruc (Prof. Dr. Dean)
Jennifer Davis (US Consulate in Istanbul)
Osman M. Black Sea (Businessman)
Nihat Boytüzün (Maldivler İstanbul Consul)
Vildan Güleryüz (Businessman)

LiftArt, thanks to all Friends and Customers.

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