Liftart, Turkey is the sole representative of the Netherlands HANDICARE seat lift.

Handicare, which produces the best seat elevators in the world, has been producing elevators in the Netherlands and England since 1886.

liftart which HANDICARE’s sole representative in Turkey, is selling seats at affordable prices and attractive payment terms with the elevator.

The price of the seat lift is calculated according to the elevation of the elevator, the type of the ladder, the length of the outdoor environment, the indoor environment, the park stop points, characteristics and the location of the installation.

So you agree with me; The price of seat elevators with different travel distances and features will be different.

Therefore, you need to obtain information directly from our company to learn the price of the elevator you need.

However, we would like to give you a brief idea about how much the prices are. Please note that these prices are not certain, the price of the product that suits you may be less or more. These prices are for information purposes only.

With 5 mt travel distance for straight stairs, indoor seat lift price: 1800 euro to 2200 euro
For the U-shaped staircase, 5 mt rail distance and the seat lift price for the interior: 5500 euro to 6000 euro.
Please contact us for an affordable stair lift and attractive payment terms: +90 549 608 00 70

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