Our A-Class montage team received installation training for new models in the Vimec Italy factory between 13 – 17 February 2017.

During intensive training, our montes have seen and tested the modifications, improvements themselves in the 2017 model elevators themselves. Improved safety systems, especially in the elevator models E07 and E10, were features not found in most manufacturers. In addition, training of the new model parachute tests has shown that the development of braking systems is not just for our team, but for the other participants as well.

If the assembly workshops were shortened by 8 hours according to pre-2017 models, it was reported that our customers would be offered with more affordable prices.

We are far ahead of our competitors with our elevators, which include these systems designed for the safety of all users.

After the installation training, 1 day of training and information about other products were obtained.

Vimec Lifts, which is also supplier of big elevator companies, is offered for sale with LiftArt service guarantee in Turkey.

Our respect.

LiftArt Elevator
February 2017