None of our customers have ever expected spare parts for the products they bought from us.

One of the most important reasons why the companies of which we are the Only Representative in Turkey have given our company the sole representation office and that we have continued our business as the Only Representative since the 2000s is that we keep a sufficient amount of spare parts in our warehouse.

World giant companies, Handicare, Extrema, Terry, Kiwi … If we are not enough for these companies, why should they give us an Only Representative and continue this business for years. Otherwise, wouldn’t they have increased their representation offices and wouldn’t have tried to give service to their customers with multiple representatives?

In our central technical service and spare parts warehouse established on an area of ​​200 m2, we have at least 5 pieces of all parts of each model product we sell.

Our minimum spare parts stock limit is 3, and if our stocks are reduced to 3, new orders are immediately given to the producers and within 2 weeks, they are re-increased above the minimum stock amount.

None of our customers have NEVER expected spare parts for the products they have purchased from us. And we will not keep it waiting.

This is an indication of how seriously we take our job.

Please check our references, if you find it necessary, get information from the companies we represent.

Make sure that you are at the right address for elevators. We have never let you down, we will never let you down.

Best Regards.