Subject: New Generation of Disabled Elevator Finally in Turkey

As a very well known brand in Turkey is getirtiliy disabled lift. Most of them are poor quality, cheap priced products. If you ask why a poor quality product is preferred, it needs to be produced poorly to be cheap, right? Therefore, the quality of cheap products is also cheap.

As a result, Turkey generally prefer cheaper products in order to receive inhabited the contractors, some financial budgets are forced to opt for cheaper products out of necessity because not enough.

Today brought a lot of brands and a wide variety of lifts for the disabled in Turkey even produced some models even. However, some manufactured and imported handicapped elevators often fail because of the proper quality and disabled people cannot benefit.

Of course, in order for elevators with disabilities to work properly and without faults, it is an important factor that they are maintained on time.

Expensive-cheap, quality-quality, for domestic and foreign who can not choose from a variety of brands or are forced to make inappropriate choices, our company brought a product to Turkey to put a stop to it.

New Generation of Disabled Elevator Finally in Turkey. Digital display, computer-controlled, 48-volt battery power to 300 kg carrying capacity in Turkey is no longer with Next.

300 kg with the most heavy carrying capacity so that everyone can use it with reasonable prices and attractive conditions, anyone can use it, the battery powered system so that nobody stays in the elevator, digital display so that everyone can see how it is used. .

I hope you will be satisfied using it