Stair Lifts are alternative systems that are produced to provide transportation between floors in situations where classical type elevators cannot be constructed and those who are forced to use stairs.

Stair lifts are extremely safe.

Seat stair lifts are not “handicapped standart lifts, which is considered as standard.

Handicare is the world’s best and smart stair lift brand. The Dutch company has been producing lifts since 1886.

It is the only brand in the world with 2×350 watts and a total of 700 watts. Thanks to this dual engine system, Handicare does what others do with a single engine with a double engine that is twice as strong. Thus, motors never get tired, wear and at least 2 times longer than others. Over the years, Handicare quality is revealed.

Of course there are good brands in the market; our difference & advantage from others is the dual drive engine and intelligent computer system which is not found in others.

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