Major companies

These are some major elevator and escalator companies.

Elevator and escalator brands Origin Year established Note Logo
Dover United States 1955 Formerly known as Rotary Lift. Acquired by Thyssen in 1999.
Express Lift Northampton, United Kingdom 1917 Acquired by Otis in 1997.
Fujitec Osaka, Japan 1948
Hyundai South Korea 1984
Kone Finland 1910 Third largest elevator manufacturer in the world. It is also the pioneer of machine room less elevator system.
Mitsubishi Electric Japan 1931 (elevator division)
Otis United States 1853 The largest elevator manufacturer in the world.
Schindler Switzerland 1874 Second largest elevator manufacturer in the world, and the largest escalator manufacturer in the world.
Sigma Changwon, South Korea 2000 A subsidiary company of Otis Elevator Korea in South Korea, this is a brand for overseas/export markets. Basically their elevators are Otis made in South Korea but branded as Sigma.
Thyssen Germany 1871 Defunct as part of the merger with Krupp to form ThyssenKrupp.
thyssenkrupp Germany 1999 Fourth largest elevator manufacturer in the world.

Other historic companies

These are some other historic or small elevator and escalator companies that are only found in certain countries.

Elevator and escalator brands Origin Year established Note Logo
A & P Steven United Kingdom (Scotland) 1850 Defunct.
Amtech United States 1968 Bought Reliable Elevator Co. in 1985, and became Amtech Reliable Elevator Co..
Anlev Canada ? Reformed to the Anlev Elex Elevator in 2008.
Anlev Elex Hong Kong 2008 Reformed from both Anlev and Elex in 2008.
Armor United States 1938 Acquired by Kone in 1981.
Ascensores Excelsior España 1923 Spanish Elevator company
ASEA Sweden 1883 Elevator division merged with Graham Brothers in 1962.
Asea Graham Sweden 1960s Acquired by Kone in 1968.
Atlas (Brazil) Brazil 1918 Elevadores Atlas S.A. or simply known as Atlas. It was acquired by Schindler in 1999 then become Atlas Schindler. Was the largest elevator and escalator brand in Brazil and continues to be the largest under Schindler.
Automobile Rotary Lift Co. United States 1925 Changed to Dover Corp. in 1955.
Axel Lifts Italy 1989
Bennie Lifts United Kingdom 1900s Acquired by Kone in 1986.
Boral Australia ? Elevator division was taken over by Otis in 1995.
Canton United States Unknown Based in North Canton, Ohio.
CNIM France ?
Daldoss Italy 1945 Founded by Corrado Daldoss, it’s now a company specializing service, freight, compact and machine room less elevators, and platform lifts.
Deve Sweden 1923 Acquired by Schindler in 1990.
Dong Yang South Korea 1966 Acquired by ThyssenKrupp in 2003.
Doppler Lifts Greece Febuary 2000
Electra Israel 1945
Elevators Pty. Ltd. Australia 1955 Acquired by Kone in 1987. TBA
Elex Lifts Italy 1985 Reformed to the Anlev Elex Elevator in 2008.
Ellis & McDougall United Kingdom (Scotland) 1964 Acquired by Kone in 1992
Evans Lifts Leichester, United Kingdom 1919 Acquired by Otis in 1982. TBA
Falconi Italy 1890’s Acquired by Otis in 1984.
Fiam Italy 1939 Acquired by Kone in 1985.
General Elevator Corp. (CA, older) United States Unknown Bought out by ABM in 1968, forming Amtech
Giant Zhejiang, China 1951 Founded in 1951 as Huzhou Elevator Factory. In 2005, the company made a joint-venture with Kone called GiantKONE Elevator Co. Ltd.
GoldStar South Korea 1968 Changed to LG (Lucky Goldstar) in 1995.
Guangri China 1996 Founded by Hitachi Limited
Hammond & Champness United Kingdom 1905 Acquired by Dover in 1971, and hence later merged into Thyssen in 1999.
Haughton United States 1890 Founded in Toledo, OH by Nataniel Haughton. It was bought by Schindler in 1979 and later became Schindler Haughton.
Haushahn Stuttgart, Germany 1889 Was the largest family-held elevator company in Germany. It was acquired by Schindler in 1998.
Hitachi Japan 1910 Elevator division was established in the 1920s.
Hosting Ningbo, Zhejiang, China 1993 Founded by Ningbo Xinda Group in 1993
IFE Guangdong, China 1988
IGV Milan, Italy 1966 Wheelchair lift division also known as DomusLift.
Imperial (New York) United States ? Imperial (New York) likely no longer exists.
Indolift Surabaya, Indonesia 1980s Absorbed by Kone and became PT. Kone Indo Elevator.
Inter-Up Israel Unknown
Isralift Israel 1961 Acquired by Kone in 2013.
IZAMET Bulgaria 1989
J&E Hall United Kingdom 1785 Elevator and escalator division was acquired by Otis in 1967.
Johns & Waygood Australia 1892 Acquired by Perry Engineering in the 1970s.
Johnson India 1960s (?) Based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
Kfir Israel 1975
Kiesling United States ? Kiesling likely no longer exists.
Kleemann Kilkis, Greece 1983 2% of new installations worldwide.
K.M. White United States ? K.M. White was bought out by Armor.
Koppel A.W. Italy 1958
LG South Korea 1995 An elevator and escalator division of LG Electronics. It was acquired by Otis in 1999.
MAN Germany 1895 Elevator division was taken over by Thyssen in 1984 and became Thyssen-MAN.
Marryat & Scott United Kingdom 1860s Acquired by Kone in 1979. Kone-Marryat-Scott brand was used until the late 1980s on certain applications.
MEI United States 1971 MEI stands for Minnesota Elevator Inc. Currently based in Mankato, Minnesota.
Miami Elevator United States Unknown A former elevator company based in Miami, FL and it puts its label on most DOVER elevators. Most are not installations, but are modernizations.
Montgomery United States 1892 Acquired by Kone in 1994.
Morris Vermaport Nottingham, United Kingdom 1979 This company also manufactures shopping cart conveyors worldwide.
MP Lifts Spain 1990
Nippon (Japan) Japan 1954 Acquired by Schindler in 1987.
Omega Elevators Spain September 1989
Orenstein & Koppel Germany 1876 A major German engineering company which specialize railway vehicles, construction equipment, elevators, and escalators. Kone bought the escalator division in 1987 and was branded as “O&K KONE”. The remaining shares of O&K were bought by Kone in 1995.
Orona/Electra Vitoria Spain 1982
Payne United States 1902 Formerly installed elevators. Now, they maintain, and possibly modernize elevators.
Peerless United States ? Peerless likely no longer exists.
Pickerings Lifts United Kingdom 1854 The largest and oldest independent elevator manufacturer in the United Kingdom.
R. Stahl Germany 1876 Elevator division was split from the company and taken over by Rheinstahlin 1970.
Reliable Elevator Co. United States Existed in 1983 Founded by former U.S. elevator employees. In 1985, they were bought out by Amtech.
Rheinstahl Germany Unknown Bought by Thyssen AG in 1973 and changed to Thyssen Industrie AG in 1976.
Sabiem Italy ? Acquired by Kone in 1987.
Schlieren Switzerland 1895 Acquired by Schindler in 1960.
Seaberg United States 1915 Based in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. They installed elevators in New York. Defunct no earlier than 1980.
SEC Elevators Slovenia 1967
Semag Italy Unknown
Serge United States Unknown Based in New York, NY. It was bought by Fujitec in 2001.
Shenyang Brilliant China September 2001 Also known as Shenyang BLT or simply BLT, it is the largest self-owned elevator company in China, and a parent company of Shenyang Yuanda Enterprise Group in China.
SITES Italy 1964
SJEC China 1992
Smartrise United States Unknown Based in Sacramento, California
Staley United States 1899 Based in New York, New York, U.S.A. They installed elevators in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Defunct no earlier than 1998, possibly defunct in 2004.
Stannah United Kingdom 1867 A company that also manufactures stairlifts and sold them in some countries.
Stigler Italy 1860 The first elevator manufacturer in Italy. It was acquired by Otis in 1947.
SÛR Brazil 1964 Acquired by Thyssen in 1999.
Technos Bulgaria 1993
Thyman Thailand 1977 Was a distributor of Kone in Thailand from 1993 and was acquired by Kone in 2005. TBA
Toshiba Japan 1966 (elevator division)
Triboro United States ? Triboro likely no longer exists.
U.S. Elevator United States 1970 Was part of Cubic Corporation. Acquired by ThyssenKrupp in 2000.
Vertitron United States Unknown Based in Mankato, Minnesota
Výtahy Ostrava Czech Republic 1947 Based in Ostrava.
Waupaca United States 1957 Based in Appleton, Wisconsin.
Waygood & Co. United Kingdom 1903 Merged with Otis in 1914.
Westinghouse United States 1945 Acquired by Schindler in 1988.
Westmont United States Unknown A company that makes belt type moving walkways.
Yungtay Taiwan 1966 Was a distributor of Hitachi elevators in Taiwan. It has a sister company called Shanghai Yungtay Elevator Equipment Co. Ltd.
ZREMB Poland 1965 A Polish elevator brand formed in 1965 based in Warsaw. Elevators were manufactured under license from ASEA Graham.

Subsidiary companies

These are some elevator companies which are owned by a major elevator company or other corporations, or just elevator and escalator divisions belongs to another corporation. Some of them were founded after a major elevator company had a joint venture with a local elevator company..

Elevator and escalator brands Origin Year established Note Logo
Chevalier Hong Kong, China 1970 A company which distributes and maintains Toshiba elevators in Hong Kong, mainland China, and Singapore, as well as distributing IFE elevators in Singapore. In addition, it has a long term partnership with Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation.
Express Evans United Kingdom 1997 A subsidiary company of Otis in the United Kingdom. It was founded when Otis bought Express Lift. Otis used this brand to sell cheaper elevators, to keep the reputation of the Otis brand.
GiantKONE Zhejiang, China 2005 Formed when Kone had a joint venture with Zhejiang Giant Holdings Ltd.
Haushahn Stuttgart, Germany 1889 Was the largest family-owned elevator company in Germany. It was acquired by Schindler in 1998 and now part of Schindler.
Liftmaterial Germany 1966 Formerly known as Lift Munich as a supplier of generic elevator parts in Germany. It was a part of Sematic Group since 2000. Until on August 11, 2015, Sematic Group was taken over by Wittur Group. It becomes a subsidiary of Wittur Group.
MacGregor Sweden 1937 A company providing marine cargo flow solutions and service, including elevators and escalators for ships. It manufactures elevators used for cruise ships under the name MacGregor-Kone. Since 2005, MacGregor is part of Kone Corporation.
Mashiba Malaysia 1983 Malaysian subsidiary of Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation. Founded in 1983 as a joint-venture between MS Group and Toshiba. They manufactures elevators and escalators under the name MASHIBA and sells them in Malaysia and to other Southeast Asian countries.
Shanghai Mitsubishi Shanghai, China 1987 Subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Elevator.
Sigma South Korea 2000 A subsidiary company of Otis Elevator Korea in South Korea, this is a brand for overseas/export markets. Basically their elevators are Otis made in South Korea but branded as Sigma.
Xizi Otis Hangzhou, China 1997 Founded as part of a joint venture between Otis and Xizi Elevator Group in Hangzhou, China. It is Otis’s fifth subsidiary companies in China and one of the largest elevator companies in China.
XJ Schindler China 2011 Formed as the result of a joint venture between Schindler and XJ Elevator.

Merging brand companies

These were mostly founded or formed after a major company took over a local elevator company, and they usually lasted for only few years.

Elevator and escalator brands Origin Year established Note Logo
LG-OTIS South Korea 2000 A merging brand between Otis and LG Elevators in South Korea. The brand was renamed to OTIS-LG Elevator Company in 2003 and later Otis Elevator Company in 2006.
Kone Marryat Scott United Kingdom 1979 Merging brand between Kone and Marryat & Scott, founded shortly after Kone bought Marryat & Scott in 1979. This brand name was used for few times until in the late 1980s.
Montgomery KONE United States 1994 Formed after Kone bought Montgomery. The brand name was officially defunct in 1999.
Schindler Haughton United States 1979 Founded when Schindler bought out Haughton. The brand lasted until 1989.
Thyssen Dover United States 1999 Founded when Thyssen bought out Dover. The company finished merging with Krupp in 2001 to form ThyssenKrupp.
ThyssenKrupp Dongyang South Korea October 2003 Formed after ThyssenKrupp bought Dong Yang. The brand was defunct in 2008 and now known simply as ThyssenKrupp in South Korea.

Wheelchair/platform lift companies

These are the companies that produces wheelchair/platform lifts for mobility needs.

Elevator and escalator brands Origin Year established Note Logo
Aritco Sweden 1995 One of the world leading manufacturers of platform lifts and home lifts for private homes and public buildings.
Cibes Lift Sweden 1947 A brand of the Cibes Lift Group which also owns the Kalea Lifts and NTD Lifts brands.
Garaventa Switzerland 1928
DomusLift Milan, Italy 1998 The IGV’s wheelchair lift division.
One of the leading Italian manufacturers of elevators for private and public buildings designed for mobility needs.
Kalea Lifts Italy 1898 A brand of the Cibes Lift Group. Their products are Cibes Lift-made but branded and marketed under the Kalea Lifts brand.
Motala Hissar Sweden Unknown Now part of Kone. It is a manufacturer of low speed lifts to improve accessibility for people with impaired mobility.
thyssenkrupp Home Solutions Germany 1990s A division of thyssenkrupp which manufactures home elevators, wheelchair lifts and stairlifts.

Temporary elevator companies

These are the companies which provides installations of temporary elevators mostly for construction projects.

Elevator and escalator brands Origin Year established Note Logo
Alimak Hek Sweden 1948 A Swedish company providing construction hoists, industrial elevators and work platforms.
RECO Netherlands 2010s A Dutch company providing temporary elevator installations.
USA Hoist United States Unknown A company that manufactures construction hoists, rack & pinion elevators, and rack & pinion inclined elevators.

Third-party elevator companies